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So the new website that is gaining popularity is They are a get paid to take online survey site.
If you follow my blog, then you know that companies who have high payout minimums give me itches and send major red flags up for me. 
According to website, you receive $30 just for signing up. (RED FLAG). You then are paid $14 per each completed survey (RED FLAG). You also get 3 surveys to complete each day. That sums your daily earnings to $42. 

If you gain access to their take survey page (image above), you will see that you must view a video before taking a survey as well as their is an Adsense ad below that video. Makes me feel they are using users for traffic to get paid through Google.

The actions of this website remind me closely of CircumNews.  Up-Survey states they are paid to create surveys and they pay you to take them. Sound familiar? CircumNews stated they were paid to advertise articles and they pay you read them.

They also have very similar red flags:

  • Pays $14 to take a survey. 
  • Pays $15 to refer someone. 
  • Payout is currently $500 minimum. 
  • They ask for your PayPal account #, not email address. (You can get payment at any moment if you have the minimum sum. For that you need to enter Login and your account number in PayPal or Payza. Payments will be sent every 14 workdays.)
  • Newly registered site. (Feb 18, 2015) 
  • No privacy policy. 
  • No contact information. Only a contact form.
If you do further research, you will see that their WhoIs shows the registrar name/creator/admin is Domain Admin. It seems they are trying to hide something for sure. It’s common to make contact information private in a WhoIs database, however, the name is always visible. They don’t even want you to know their actual name. That could possibly mean they have ran a similar scam and are well known. 
I would stay far away from this website. But if you think it is worth your time, I would proceed with caution.

****They also have another site called SurveyTrendO that people are being redirected to!

Check Out Their Latest Scam Site

If you have experience with this website or an opinion of it, please comment below.

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