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TranscribeMe! Update 8/22/13

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As many of my readers know, TranscribeMe is one of the companies I have been working for. Many people also have several concerns or questions in regard to this company. Some of my readers have been asking the following questions:

1. How much do you get paid?
You are paid $20/audio hours, which means you are paid 0.33/min of transcribed audio.

2. When are you paid and how?
Payday is on every Monday via Paypal granted you have reached the payout limit of $10.

3. I have passed the $10 payout limits but I have got paid for this week. Why is that?
The files you transcribe must be QAed before Monday in order to be counted towards your payout amount.

4.Many of you have wondering how many hours I put in each week to make the amounts I have been making.
I spend about 20 hours/week on the TranscribeMe Workhub. I am a Transcriber/QA/Reviewer. I can transcribe files, I can QA them and I also can review them. I have only been with them for a few months and have got two promotions so obtaining those jobs is easy if you maintain a good accuracy with your files. Knowing your style guide well and always doubling check if you are not sure helps keep a high accuracy. Many people have negative opinions about TranscribeMe for whatever their little hearts feel but I completely love this company. As long as you put real effort and have patience you two can make as much as I do per week. I was promoted after about two months to QA. After working on a project that many were struggling on, I was then promoted to Reviewer.

5. Is there constant work available?
There are times when you will get that awful message that reads “All work is currently assigned” but the longest I’ve ever seen it was a half of a day.

I will continue to update you all on TranscribeMe while it grows. 🙂

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