Selfie Time | Alezan FlexPro All-In-One Selfie Stick Review

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I’m amazed at all the new trends that come about over the years. There are so many brands, colors, sizes and function. They all have one specific end goal. To give you that effortless, perfectly angled selfie. I have been very lucky to be picked to review an Alezan FlexPro All In One Selfie Stick.

If you on social media then you know exactly what a selfie is. You probably have even taken some selfies yourself. But what’s the biggest issue when taking selfies? Your arms aren’t long enough to get the lighting and angle you want. I’ve had that issue plenty of time. Thus came the creation of self sticks.

Using the selfie stick is pretty easy and it has easy to follow instructions. So if you aren’t tech savvy, you can still use it. It comes assembled so you don’t need to put it together. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as a Samsung Galaxy S3. that I used this selfie stick with. I connected it. I plugged in the cord into my headphone slot, adjusted the stick to the length I wanted and walaa.

It was really simple to get both phones into the spot that holds it. I did have the cases on it while I was using it but my cases are very slim so I believe you could still use it with a bulky case. It stays secure. It won’t move one bit once you lock it. You can pretty much angle exactly the way you want it without it moving. It was also very easy to remove it. You just simply slide out of the holder.

It’s extremely small and lightweight so storing it a breeze. It comes with a storage bag if you wanted to carry it around with you for a perfect selfie moment. Overall, if you want a selfie stick, I would certainly check this one out. It’s a nice small accessory to have and it is pretty fair.

***Don’t forget that National Selfie Day is June 21, 2015. You do not want to be caught without a selfie stick!!

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