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Lifebushido, is an innovative company that completely thinks out of the box when it comes to working from home! They are dedicated to finding talented individuals and let them use their unique abilities for the greater good of Lifebushido’s clients. Lifebushido is a new-ish company who is growing steadily! With an average of 60 clients and 1000 work at home virtual assistants, Lifebushido is making its mark!

They are looking to hire 20 People ASAP!!!
They are continuing to grow steadily and they are seeking to hire 20 people on 11/1/13 for their Key Assistant, Leader, Caller, or Marketing Assistant roles. 

They are also hiring the Top 5 people who help with Ghosting It Forward in your neighborhood and shares their story by 11/1/13 about how many people they positively impacted during Ghosting It Forward. 

Ghosting It Forward is a very exciting creative and social entrepreneurial project, that combines the ‘pay it forward’ concept of the book/movie with ghosting/booing.

See and like the Facebook page at

See short video at about ghosting it forward.

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