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It’s bikini season again everywhere and for yet another year you are wishing you would have stuck with your New Years resolution to lose weight.
You’ve tried taking a friend with you to work out. You’ve tried making a vision board of the body you want once it’s all done. You’ve tried HCG drops. You’ve drank the so called magic detox teas. You’ve subscribed to DailyBurn only to never use it. You’ve bought that new elliptical, treadmill and workout bike. All these things done and you still haven’t lost a pound.
Well what if I told you that you can have the ultimate motivation to get off of your butt, workout, lose weight and get fit? You say, “Well, what’s that Danielle?”. You can get paid for shredding those pounds.

How It Works?

  1. Join HealthyWages or DietBet.
  2. Join a current challenge/game, create your own challenge, or invite friends to start a challenge.
  3. Workout and/or diet.
  4. Weigh In.
  5. WIN EARNINGS $$$$.

Why It Works?

  1. Researchers have found enhances weight loss success.
  2. You get double rewarded : weight loss & money
  3. These type of games/challenges make it fun.
  4. You have constant encouragement.
So what’s stopping you from losing those unwanted pounds!? Let’s start dropping the weight and making money to buy those clothes a size smaller.
If you have used HealthyWages or DietBet and have a current challenge going on, feel free to leave a comment below. I love to hear personal experiences with these programs.

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