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Evenflo MiniMeal 3-in-1 High Chair

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The Evenflo Minimeal 3-in-1 High Chair is a convertible chair that transforms into three seating positions. In my opinion, this is one of the best purchases I have bought for my daughter. Because this high chair converts into different positions, she can grow with it and have it for years to come. 

The first position is a regular high chair fit for infants and toddlers. The second position is the time chair, which is designed for a lower seating position for your growing child’s feet to touch the ground. The third position is a table and chair. This position is designed for your child to play and eat independently.
Well my little one has begun to eat table food so it was time to purchase her a high chair. I unhappily browsed online because the high chair I was seeing were so unattractive. They looked cheap and it was the cheap one that cost a lot. Then there were the little seats similar to take of a Bumbo seat. I could only imagine her making the biggest mess on her clothes and on the floor even though you can buy a table for it. Then long behold, I saw the cutest piece of hard plastic known to my eyes. I clicked it and was amazing that it came in different positions. I ordering it from for $43.99. When it arrived, I assembled it. The assembly is fairly simple. It’s snap and click technology. It is made of high quality hard plastic and very easy to clean. 

Whether this piece of furniture is in their room for playtime or in the kitchen for mealtime, this high chair is AWESOME. It is sold in blue, purple, pink and green at various stores. Check your local stores for availability.

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