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Clickworker Withholds Everyone’s Payment

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What is the UHRS?

UHRS means “Universal Human Relevance System”. It’s a partner website that can be accessed over and where you can process additional jobs. It normally deals with categorization of internet data and web pages. However, there are some more particular tasks, such as comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

Due to poor quality of work of completed on the UHRS hits, clickworker will be withholding payments until investigations are completed.

Clickworker Update
“Our first deeper investigations have unfortunately delivered results which show that the issue is far more severe than we initially thought. According to our data, about 40% (!!) of all hits done within the last month are considered to be either Spam or at least very bad quality work by UHRS. Those 40% are of no use to our client and will have to be redone from scratch. This is a BIG issue that needs to be further investigated and those persons committing fraud have to be found and eliminated from our website.

Due to these facts, access to newly started UHRS HitApps has been completely disabled for ALL clickworkers for the time being until all investigations have been closed. In addition, all UHRS payments will be put on hold for this week, regardless of the quality of your personal work until the matter has been resolved. This does not affect payments earned on the platform.

This is a severe issue. To solve this, It is not sufficient to block individual suspicious accounts – it is necessary to put the whole work on UHRS to a stop. While the investigation is going on, please don’t contact us with individual unblock or payment requests. We will sort out the fraudulent accounts and all other accounts will receive the payments as soon as possible.”

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